Speech & Language Therapy

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Speech and Language Therapy

At Play2Learn, in Chesterfield, MO, we offer speech and language therapy services for children 12 months to 15 years of age. We often find when people are in search of pediatric therapy services, that there is a confusion between whether the child has a speech disorder, or a language disorder.For more clarity,a speech disorder affects the production of sound (i.e., the actual articulation of sound, distortions, misarticulations, and dropping syllables). In turn,a language disorder means the individual is having difficulty understanding language concepts (i.e., socially, following directions,or understanding word meanings). Our therapists work with children with both receptive and expressive language disorders, and can aid in any of the aforementioned challenges. We also offer services for children experiencing articulation, fluency, resonance or voice disorders.

Our expert therapist addresses expressive language disorder with excellence, and collaborates with parents. Children with expressive language disorder often have the language skills to comprehend written and verbal communication, but they lack the ability to form complex sentences,and remember previously learned words. They also tend to have a smaller vocabulary than their peers.

Play2Learn in Chesterfield, MO is an industry leading medical practice that is able to address all of these child language disorders, in order help your child get back on track with their language development. Setbacks with language development do not have to affect your child’s academics when caught and addressed at a young age.  If you are uncertain whether your child’s speech and language development is on track, a simple evaluation can never hurt.

A therapist from our highly skilled pediatric speech and language therapy team will evaluate the child’s therapy needs, and help the child reach his/her specific therapy goals. Clinic-based therapy is able to address delays in speech development that are often not recognized as a delay until the child has reached a specific age in the school system.

Our speech and language therapist holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence that reflects her level of excellence in Speech and Language Therapy.


Are you worried about your child?

Early signs of speech or language disorder show up differently at different ages. If you’re concerned your child has a speech or language delay, please contact our pediatric therapy team, or your pediatrician for an assessment.

Early signs of a speech or language disorder can start as early as seven months. Usually, a parent notices her child isn’t making sounds or babbling. By the age of two, if a child has less than 20 words, a screening for speech and language delays or disorders is recommended If your child has difficulty following directions he/she might have a receptive language delay.

If a child has a language concern they might substitute inappropriate words when speaking in a sentence or talk out of context. Children might also have trouble following directions, or have difficulty at school with reading and writing.

We also help children experiencing speech or language delays as part of our pediatric therapy services. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at our office in Chesterfield, MO.